Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

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Valentine's Day is tomorrow !

Check Out these great resources below to help make the day as fun as possible!

I can't take credit for creating these all from scratch - but I thought it would be nice to share helpful ideas from creative people all in one place.


  • At Home Valentine's Day Party
    • Check out the above PDF for TONS of activities you could do throughout the week including:
      • Send a Virtual Valentine to a St. Jude's Children's Hospital patient
      • Find the Valentine games
      • Valentine's themed Virtual Book Room
      • Heart Challenge
      • Valentine's Day Dance Party videos
      • Origami How-To videos
      • Would You Rather....?  question prompts
      • How-To Drawing tutorial video
  • February Jokes of the Day
    • Take turns each day reading these cheesey jokes to your family and friends
  • Valentine's Day - Printable Cards and Activities Pack
    • Don't forget to tell the people who are important to you exactly how much you care about them!  Use these pre-made cards to help spread kindness to the people in your life.
    • It even has some fun games you can play with your family and friends at the bottom.
  • Interactive Valentine's Room
    • Click around on the bookshelf to be taken to:
      • Fun online puzzles and games on the ABC Ya website
      • How-To Drawing tutorials
      • Book Read Alouds
  • Valentine's How-To Drawing Videos
    • Click around on the bookshelves to see lots of different How-To Drawing tutorials





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